NBCUniversal sets 45-day wait to launch streaming premieres

NBCUniversal announced a new rule for streaming premieres of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG) titles, which will take effect from 2022. As explained by the company, 45 days must elapse from the film’s release in theaters in the United States to arrive in Peacock, the brand’s PVOD platform that’s only available in North America.

Prioritizing the theatrical experience and driving our content globally remains the cornerstone of our business“, Peter Levinsohn, Vice President and Director of Distribution at UFEG,  explained. “By ensuring our upcoming releases have a theatrical window and a timely debut at Peacock, we meet the needs and expectations of key stakeholders across the spectrum, from our filmmakers and producing partners to Peacock viewers and subscribers“, he added .

Paramount and Disney studios, which also have their own OTTs to distribute their premieres, had already determined an exhibition window with exactly 45 days of exclusivity in cinemas, the same one that Universal followed for its model. Meanwhile, WarnerMedia decided to implement the same period only for the “big releases” of 2022, changing the scheme it took during 2021, in which it released all the films simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max.