NBCUniversal may launch new SVOD OTT internationally

US company NBCUniversal has begun talking about the international launch of a new SVOD OTT, in order to continue its expansion process outside the US. According to the information reported by the specialized website Business Insider, Jeff Shell, the company’s CEO, has held conversations about the new streaming platform, which would be branded as ‘Universal’.

NBCUniversal had already entered the streaming market when it launched Peacock, its new SVOD OTT, in the US, whose arrival date at Latin America is not yet defined. The decision to use the ‘Universal’ brand for the new platform focuses on building more global traction, considering that the Peacock brand, launched in Mid-July 2020, means little to worldwide audiences. 

According to Business Insider, the new OTT’s content catalog may feature Universal movies and NBCUniversal’s content available on Hulu, which was acquired by Disney in mid-2019, where Comcast, NBCUniversal’s owner, still has a  minority stake.

In addition, Business Insider has also reported that Comcast and AT&T have been in talks about a closer working relationship between NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia. Apart from that, WarnerMedia will start the HBO Max international expansion process in June, with the launch of the platform in Latin America. From WarnerMedia they have confirmed last Monday that HBO Max will be available from its launch date in the region for DirecTV Latin America (AT&T), Sky Brasil (AT&T) and Oi (Grupo Oi) subscribers.