National Copyright Directorate grants first precautionary measure against online piracy in Colombia

The Alliance against Pay TV Piracy (better known as ‘Alianza’), a group of content providers, pay TV operators and technology providers that fight against piracy in Latin America, reported days ago that Colombian National Copyright Directorate ( Direccion Nacional de Derecho de Autor – DNDA) granted for the first time blocking precautionary measures against ‘IPTV Colombia Premium’, a distributor that would have violated copyright by broadcasting content from different programmers without permission through an internet server, charging a monthly subscription for the service.

As reported by Alianza, the measures ordered ‘the immediate end of illegal online broadcasts, as well as the immediate blocking by all internet providers in the country to prevent access to the IP and URL that distribute the content illegally’.

‘The precautionary measure to block ‘IPTV Colombia Premium’ sets a very important precedent, because online piracy is a different and new way of piracy that requires understanding and training on the modus operandi, as well as quantify and estimate damages, and design an effective strategy to mitigate this scourge. In addition, judicial referents are very careful in the exhaustive review of the evidence before granting this type of measures’, explained Martha Ochoa, Head at ‘Alianza’.