Nat Geo Kids acquires NBC Universal series

Nat Geo Kids acquired for the first time two new animated series of NBC Universal: ” Buzzu en la escuela Intergaláctica” and “Zafari”, the company announced in a press release. The first one will be released on January 15, while “Zafari” will be available in February.
“Both are high quality productions that we are proud to share in Latin America as a result of our association with such a prestigious studio as NBC Universal,” said Diego Reck, EVP of National Geographic Partners in Latin America.
“Buzzu en la escuela Intergaláctica shows a fun way to learn to live with different cultures and deal positively with adversity,” explained Nat Geo Kids in its press release. In turn, “Zafari inspires the children and shows that all beings are unique in their own way and that differences deserve to be celebrated.”