Nacional Football Club launches its OTT in Uruguay

Uruguayan football club Nacional launched its OTT ‘Nacional TV’. with the institution’s exclusive content. The platform has Poipes agency as a project partner, responsible for developing technical support. Nacional TV offers live audiovisual content, on demand and podcast, and is available for iOS and Android devices.

‘We are launching Nacional TV at a very special moment for the club, together with Poipe’s technology, which will be involved in these new world for Nacional’, said Jose Decurnex, Nacional’s President, in the multimodal channel’s presentation, that will allow fans to ‘see Nacional as they have never seen it’, according to Martin Sarthou, who is in charge of the club’s communications and digital strategies. Sarthou added that ‘Nacional TV will broadcast exclusive content about the institution’s  life , which will include the team’s training, players, the institutional life, authorities and the club’s different sports’.

The OTT includes four subscription plans. The first one is free, and allows only access to free content. Subscribers may choose to pay a monthly plan at USD 4.99; a half-yearly plan at USD 26.99, or an annual plan at USD 47.99. The last three allow to enter to all the OTT content.