Mundo moves forward on its FTTH deployment plan in Chile for 2021

Chilean Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones (Subtel) reported earlier this month its latest statistics on connectivity, in which it reported that the percentage of  FTTH technology participation in total fixed connections in Chile had an 7.7% annual increment, reaching 32.8% in the first half this  year.

This way, Enrique Coulembier, CEO at Mundo, which has recently announced a plan to accelerate the deployment of FTTH in the country during next year, considers that there are still points to work on to make digital divide shorter in Chile. ‘Digital inclusion allows everyone to provide opportunities and, therefore, it is imperative not to have places segregated only by their geographical location. Currently, the main causes of segregation in the matter are mainly related to the investment that must commit both private and public actors, in a correct FTTH deployment in all types of geographical areas, since there are still many localities in our country that are still relegated to connectivity, even due to social issues’, he said.

According to the specialized website BioBio, the executive explained that Mundo currently features around 24 thousand FTTH kilometers, and expects to reach a 3 million households potential coverage by 2021. ‘We are moving forward and we will be able to be available in 90 communes of which are included in the National Fiber Optic (FON) plan; that is, in almost 50% of the total, thanks to the investment of our own resources’, he added.