Mundo aims to accelerate FTTH deployment in Chile from next year

As recently reported by several specialized websites in Chile, Chilean triple play operator Mundo Pacifico -recently rebranded as ‘Mundo’-, plans to be the second company with the largest FTTH deployment in the country by next year. To achieve this goal, the company will use a new technology in FTTH.

 ‘With this technology, we hope to become the second FTTH operator and make our network available so that other companies and operators can use it’, said Marcos Alcayaga, Mundo’s Network & IT Deputy Manager.

According to the information reported by Chilean websites, to accelerate the deployment, a technology developed in Taiwan and used for the first time in Japan will be used, consisting of a disaggregated FTTH network, based on a Hypernet development, which will allow greater efficiency and more integration with internet service providers. Up to now, the project is in the testing phase.

In 2019, Mundo was acquired by the international fund Linzor Capital Partners. Mundo offers broadband, pay TV and telephony plans in Chile. At the time of the acquisition, Tim Purcell, Managing Partner at Linzor, reported that FTTH is ‘the future to offer high speed internet to households’, and expressed that, from the company, they saw ‘a great growth opportunity’ for the Chilean operator.