Multimedios develops eSports competition with No Tilt and Clash Royale

The Mexican group Multimedios announced a new partnership agreement with the company No Tilt to broadcast eSports content on the country’s FTA TV. The new alliance will aim Multimedios to have the exclusive broadcasts of the Clash Royale video game world championship, which will take place on Saturdays, between February 22nd and March 28th, with 32 participating countries.

In a first stage, the competition will face the best players from the countries involved, who will initially play a group stage. Later, those who qualify for the next stage will face in direct playoffs, in order to reach the Final of the competition, which will be held on March 28th in Monterrey, in a Multimedios Television forum.

‘Multimedios has always been focused on giving its audience what they want. Today, taking into account the number of people who follow Clash Royale, what we want to do is continue innovating as a channel with content, and we are very happy and excited about this new commercial partnership’, said Carlos Hernandez Guillen, Commercial General Director of Multimedios.