MTV renews its identity in Latin America

The music channel MTV (Viacom) renewed its identity in Latin America last August 21th. It launched the slogan “Nuevo. Sin Rolos” (New. No trouble) and the hashtag #EsNuevoEsMTV (It’s new, it’s MTV). In addition, it introduced a new image for the channel’s institutional advertising, with an “M” dividing the screen and the center of the letter pointing downwards, where videos are shown. The logo itself wasn’t modified beyond some color changes.

The channel tried to make clear that MTV means change, renewal, permanent news. “The only thing that remains constant on MTV is that we are always changing”, states the channel on its website.

Along with the presentation of the channel’s new identity, MTV launched ten shows. Some of those are new and some are new seasons of shows that were already on air. The new programming includes titles such as: MTV Vidiots, MTV Clickbait with Daniel Bautista or Lucas Garofalo (depending on the country), MTV Swipedate, Promposal, My Super Sweet 16, Teen Mom UK, Catfish: Mentiras en La Red, La Familia del Barrio Haciendo América Grande Otra Vez, MTV Video Music Awards 2017 and Siesta Key.