MRV construction company’s owner will launch CNN Brazil

Billionaire Rubens Menin, founder, main shareholder and president of MRV Engenharia -which is the biggest Brazilian homebuilder and real estate company-, based in Belo Horizonte, will launch CNN news Brazilian version channel this year.

According to Forbes. Menin is ranked 1372 among billionaires worldwide, and 40th among the richest men in Brazil. In 2018 he was distinguished with the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year award, which recognizes successful entrepreneurs, both in the business world and social world. Menin was the first South American entrepreneur to receive this recognition.

CNN Brazi, according to Menin, will not have ‘any relationship with the Government, but with Brazil’,he reported to the economic-financial newspaper Valor of that country. He added that CNN will make ‘serious journalism, with ethical standards and commitment with the truth’.

According to the company, in the coming months it will develop activities to prepare the infrastructure, brand identity and content, and  journalists and production teams training for its launching.