Movistar TV removes Televisa’s channels in Peru and bets on local content

As reported by specialized websites, Movistar TV made a series of changes on its programming in Peru since this Wednesday, July 1st, and removed Televisa’s channels in that country, such as TL Novelas, Canal de las Estrellas, Golden, De Pelicula , Golden Edge, Univision, Telehit Urbano, Estrellas HD, Golden HD, Telehit HD and Golden Premier HD.

The removed channels will be replaced by AZ Corazon, AZ Mundo, Ve Plus TV, USMP TV, Px Sports, France24, SBN, Animal Planet HD, Kanal D Drama HD, Hola TV, 13 C, CNN Chile, Via X, CableNoticias, DHE HD, ATresSeries HD and MTV HD.

As officially reported from Movistar TV, the changes that are being implemented also include the addition of Peruvian content. ‘At Movistar TV we always updating our content. During 2020 we will strengthen our commitment with Peruvian content, mainly that which is focused on sports, culture and news, which are highly demanded and valued by our clients. We are also including new international channels’, they reported.