Movistar Series now exclusively available on Movistar Play in Latin America

With the aim of digitizing all interaction with its clients, since March 31st,  all Movistar Series contents are available digitally and exclusively to be watched on a multiscreen experience on Movistar Play’s ‘On Demand’ section in Latin America. As the company officially reported, the OTT already has more than 60 free on-demand series and nearly 10 thousand titles available.

Movistar also reported that, during 2019, it has released more than 15 original series and launched local content throughout Latin America. Some examples are the Chilean ones ‘En Terapia’ or ‘Mary & Mike’, available on demand, together with other original Spanish productions, such as ‘La Peste’ and ‘El Embarcadero’.

Apart from that, Movistar is officially launching today ‘Ruido Capital’, its first Colombian original series, exclusively available on Movistar Play. The series is based on teenagers and music and is set in Bogota, during the 90s.