Movistar Play relaunches in Argentina with 100 linear TV channels

Movistar Argentina (Telefonica) announced that it began to offer a new plan called ‘Pack Tele’, with 100 linear TV channels in HD quality through its Movistar Play platform, launched in Argentina in 2019. Although the OTT already offered around 50 channels in pack format, both in basic and premium pay TV (HBO, the Football Pack and Fox Premium), the announcement shows a new initiative to relaunch the platform with a pay TV via OTT modality.

As officially reported by Movistar Argentina, the linear TV offer also includes the possibility of adding premium packages, and even Amazon Prime Video. The price of the Pack Tele is valued at AR $ 583 (USD 8) per month. Packs that Movistar Play subscribers can add include Amazon Prime Video (free for one year, and then available for AR $ 219-USD 3- per month); Pack Tele with Football Pack (Fox Sports Premium and TNT Sports for AR $ 1,248 or USD 17 per month); Pack Tele with Fox Premium for a monthly subscription of AR $ 838 (USD 11); Pack Tele with Football and Fox Premium for AR $ 1,503 (USD 20) per month; and the HBO Pack for AR $ 225 (USD 3) per month. In addition, customers with a postpaid mobile plan will be able to access all Movistar Play content from their cell phones, without consuming gigas of their plans.

Once logged in Movistar Play, its subscribers will also have access to Movistar Series, with a catalog of on demand series produced by Movistar; live Argentine channels and series and movies on demand. To access Movistar Play, customers must download the app, available for iOS and Android, or enter via the web to activate their account.