Movistar Chile to increase Amazon Prime Video subscription in September

Movistar Chile announced that its clients will notice an increase in their Amazon Prime Video monthly subscriptions as of September 17th. Movistar clarified that the decision is due to the fact that Amazon decided to change the price of its general offer. The increase is due to the implementation of 19% VAT for foreign companies providing digital services, recently announced in Chile and other Latin American countries

Despite the increase, Movistar explained that it will keep the promotion offered through Movistar Play, in which the first three months are free and a 40% discount is offered between months 4 and 9. As officially reported by Movistar Chile, this price will change from CH $ 2,100 (USD 2.67) to CH $ 2,499 (USD 3) and, as of the tenth month, the normal price of the Amazon Prime Video subscription will be charged, which will rise from CH $ 3,500 (USD 4.5) to CH $ 4,165 (USD 5), taxes included.

Some of the Amazon Originals series available on Amazon Prime Video for Movistar Chile customers are ‘La Jauria’; ‘El Presidente’; ‘Hunters’; ‘The Boys’; ‘Carnival Row’; ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’; ‘Modern Love’, and others. With Amazon Prime Video, Movistar Chile customers are able to watch content at the same time on up to three devices; as well as enjoy 4K content and title downloads to watch them where and when customers want.