Movistar Chile renews its IPTV offer

Movistar Chile announced it is renewing its IPTV offer starting this Friday, May 29th. As announced, the company will transform its interface and TV experience by FTTH into a 4K quality entertainment center, which will be available in an integrated way on the Movistar TV STB.

The offer will include direct access to apps and content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and YouTube Kids, allowing users to enjoy all their favorite series and movies in one single place. To access Netflix and Prime Video, Movistar Chile customers must enter their credentials and have active accounts for these OTTs. In case of not having these subscriptions available, users can hire them on the Movistar Chile’s official website. In addition, the company has an exclusive offer for all its customers who do not have an Amazon Prime Video active account, and offers the possibility of subscribing to it for free during the first three months, being able to cancel the subscription at any time.

The new interface will also allow access to 13 regional channels digitally. These are Bio Bio TV and UCV3, and 11 channels from the Arcatel network: Antofagasta TV; Holvoet TV de Copiapo; VTV Valle Television (Quinta Cordillera); Girovisual (Litoral Central); Canal 2 de San Antonio; TV5 Linares; Contivision de Constitucion; TVU Television Universidad de Concepcion; ITV Patagonia de Magallanes; UATV Universidad Autonoma de Chile TV de Temuco; and Decima TV de Chiloe.

‘We have transformed our TV service into an entertainment center, with a new interface that will give direct access to subscription content. This will allow our current IPTV customers, and all new customers who want to join, access on a single place to live TV, the most popular apps with a single click, and even new features, such as recording in the cloud, or access the last 24 hours of available programs’, reported Rosario Fernández Saavedra, Marketing Director at Movistar Chile.

The new offer is accessible through a Duo Pack offered by Movistar Chile, which includes internet and TV offers.