Movistar Argentina launches symmetric speed to all its fiber clients

Movistar Argentina announced the expansion of benefits on its ‘Movistar Fibra’ service plans. The new service offering establishes that, from now on, the 50 MB and 100 MB fiber optic plans will be 100% symmetrical, just like the 300 MB plan. As reported from the company,this service is the only one provided by a massive operator in the country, and now it is extended to the rest of the plans without any extra cost, and is both for individual and business clients who already have the service, as well as those who wish to hire it.

Being symmetrical, the plans allow the use of several devices simultaneously, with connection to online games, which will be allowed to be played in real time; streaming audio and video without interruptions and intensive use of the cloud, being able to upload documents, photographs, and even videos, as well as publish stuff on social networks enjoying the Internet to the fullest with the same upload and download speeds. Movistar Fibra has a unique and exclusive app embedded within the service, called Smart Wifi, which substantially improves the user experience.

‘With our priority placed on being together with our clients during the social distancing period that the country is going through, facilitating the care of all Argentines, and being conscious of the intensive use of the service, Movistar focused more than ever on Movistar Fibra, so that customers can be more and better connected, develop their activities remotely and being close to what matters them most, guaranteeing the best service in Argentina’, they reported from the company.