moTV and XroadMedia join forces to deliver a personal video platform, provider of a complete ecosystem for pay-TV operators, and XroadMedia, a leading provider of content discovery and personalization solutions, have teamed up to deliver personalized services to video and TV service providers worldwide. moTV’s solution is developed and delivered by an experienced team and through a single point of contact, ensuring highest reliability, quick delivery and fast deployment.

Ncanto, XroadMedia’s cloud-based metadata enrichment, content discovery, personalization and data analytics solution, enables content and service providers to personalize their user experiences and to more effectively monetize their digital media assets and services.

‘In the past years market trends have changed rapidly. Times where service providers are just offering live channels and occasional catchup libraries are long gone. Today, traditional broadcasters and pay-TV providers are competing with online and content-on-demand streaming services, whose influence in our industry have grown considerably. As a technology provider, we have to react to this change and have to deliver to our customers innovative features beyond just the platform for streaming services, enabling them to combine local and international offerings for their users – in a most convenient and rewarding way’, said Zuzana Havelkova, Sales & Marketing Coordinator of moTV. 

Adolf Proidl, CEO and Co-Founder of XroadMedia, has expressed himself on the agreement and said: ‘We are very excited to be working together with moTV in delivering a hyper-customizable video platform to content and service providers across the globe. Besides traditional content discovery and recommendation use cases, our joint solution will enable our customers to develop a better understanding of their offering and their users. As a result, users will be more engaged with the services of our customers, who will also be able to further optimize their service delivery and monetization strategies’.

moTV’s and XroadMedia’s joint solution offers: an end-to-end video platform to deliver personalized video products and services to consumers; cloud-based solution offering low total cost of ownership and quickest time to market; advanced business and management tools to easily customize the solution, adjust content offerings and generate new revenue streams; and the possibility for users to be able to easily find and discover relevant content across any source, everywhere and on any device