Montecable dabbles in eSports with FIFA eNations StayAndPlay eFriendlies

Uruguayan pay TV operator Montecable broadcast this weekend (April 24th and 25th) the FIFA eNations StayAndPlay eFriendlies eSports event, exclusively for the country, through its HD Events channel and its MCGoLive platform, recently released on Android TV. The event consisted of a live online football world cup, organized by FIFA, in which 43 football teams participated.

Teams consisted of two players: one footballer teaming up with a FIFA eSports player. Some of the biggest names in the competitive FIFA scene took part, such as current top 10 players ‘WestHamYago’, ‘Zezinho’ and ‘RomaDamie’ as well as 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup Champion ‘Msdossary’ and the Colombian FIFA eSports legend ‘Janoz’. There were also several names from the football world, too, with players like Sergio Agüero, Shinji Okazaki, Diogo Jota, Moanes Dabour, Aleksandr Sobolev, Frank Fabra and many more, showcasing their skills on the virtual pitch.

‘As part of our ‘QuedateEnCasa’ campaign, we were presented with the opportunity to catch a larger audience in front of the screens and share the event with our clients. Uruguay is still incipient in the consumption of this type of events, but we know that eSports have grown exponentially in Latin America and the world. This way, we are convinced that we have a restless, young audience, and that it demands new programming. Missing the opportunity was not an option for us’, said Mauricio Skorulski, Programming Manager at Montecable, about the event.