Money Heist 4 is the sixth most watched Netflix show in the world

Netflix revealed the top 10 of the most viewed series during its first month on the platform and Money Heist 4 was the only Spanish-language content that qualified in the ranking, with 65 million views that earned it sixth place. In addition, the streaming service also recorded the number of hours consumed per program, where the Spanish show reached second place with more than 619 million hours.

The first figure, which represents the OTT accounts as a unit, only considers the first two minutes of playback during the first 28 days from the launch of the product, so this analysis does not include those users who abandon the visualization anytime.

Meanwhile, in the second record, which counts from hours, Money Heist 3 also managed to get into the 10 most viewed with 426 million hours, which left it in ninth place. Unlike the other report, in which no content was repeated, in this analysis more than one series reached the top 10 with two seasons. In addition to the Spanish, the Americans Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why accumulated around one billion hours of views between their last two seasons.