Mobile app for customized online video recommendations MightyTV was launched


A group of entrepreneurs launched on April 13th in the United States the new mobile app MightyTV, which seeks to solve one of the major drawbacks with users of online video platforms: knowing what to watch among all of the supply.


MightyTV uses the same usage method as dating platforms such as Tinder only, instead of swiping to one side or the other to choose people, one molds its custom search interest by selecting movies or TV series.


The app collects information from subscriptions to online video services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon, etc. and uses the data from the user’s Facebook profile to compile content. Then it shows a selection based on qualification and release dates, but mostly based on sweeps.


In addition, MightyTV functions as social network so users can make recommendations to each other and even, if several of them choose to watch something together, the app cross-checks preferences to recommend related content.