MLS arrives at Brazil through DAZN

The sports OTT DAZN, recently launched in Brazil, announced that it has already started to broadcast the Major Soccer League (MLS) in the country. The company confirmed that it has came to terms with the US sports competition to broadcast the matches that will be played over the next four years.

‘MLS global audience is growing every day.  This means that, based on the agreement we have formalized, we will be able to increase the number of fans of the competition around the world. The aim of our multi-sport OTT platform is always to place sports fans in the first place’, said Jacopo Tonoli, Chief Commercial Officer of DAZN.

The platform already broadcast the Italian and Japanese Championship, and the South American Cup in the football field in Brazil. In Germany, DAZN airs the Uefa Champions League matches, and in Spain the OTT shows the MotoGP seasons. It also broadcasts boxing fights for the US.