Mirada launches new tool to give control of user experience back to operators

Mirada, a leading provider of cutting-edge products and services for digital TV operators and broadcasters, announced the launch of its new product, UX Evolver, for empowering operators with greater control over the user experience of their Iris-powered platform. According to the company, UX Evolver provides operators with the ability to adapt and evolve their user experience to suit new technologies and changing consumption habits. 

Operators with Mirada’s Iris multiscreen solution can directly access UX Evolver from a laptop in real time to adapt the user experience of any device integrated within their pay TV service, to ensure that they are providing the most effective viewing experience for their subscribers. With this new product, operators can pick up and choose between every element of Iris, from manual and automatic content strips and templates to static and video banner ads and more. With UX Evolver, operators can even adapt the entire navigational structure of their platform’s content catalogue if desired. With the tool, operators are able to preview changes on any device before making them visible to the end user.

UX Evolver will soon be available to any Mirada’s clients to wish to have more control over their platform, and the company will continue to roll out new additional components and features, such as multiple or personalised content strips and configuration of different menus, to evolve and future-proof operators platforms. 

Jose Luis Vazquez, CEO at Mirada, is one of the confirmed speakers in the coming Nextv CEO Latin America event, leading conference organized by Dataxis, which will take place next November 5th and 6th at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Miami.