Mirada deploys Iris solution with Viya TV+ in the US Virgin Islands

Provider of cutting-edge products and services for digital TV operators and broadcasters Mirada announced the commercial launch of its Iris multiscreen solution for Viya (ATN International), communications and entertainment provider in the US Virgin Islands. 

According to what Mirada has officially reported, this deployment brings islanders a cutting-edge entertainment experience through the Viya TV+ service. It will deliver linear and on demand content to internet connected media players, iOS, Android devices and web clients. Subscribers will be able to enjoy a viewing experience with a selection of advanced features of Mirada’s Iris technology, including the Iris Inspire user interface and Cloud Digital Video Recording functionality.

‘Mirada and our partners have delivered the technology to enable a market leading TV user experience with advanced media features delivered through cloud services. We recognise the importance of being connected and we have provided our customers with the ability to connect their media player to the internet, enabling a connected TV experience such as cDVR, time-shift of live TV, video on demand and many other advanced features. We are able to leverage our advanced broadband service both inside the home and through mobile devices’, said Mark Jensen, Executive Director of Video Product and Strategy at ATN International.

Viya TV+ customers will now be able to enjoy an entertainment experience of live TV, cDVR and video on demand using their own device, in addition to the Viya TV+ media player with up to 4K HDR picture quality and Dolby Surround Sound Audio. Following the initial commercial launch, Mirada reported it will continue to enhance the Viya TV+ experience utilising the Iris technology to enable additional services, such as transfer of viewing sessions between devices, remote control functionality between handheld devices and STBs, users profiles, personalised recommendations, features for purchases of TVOD content, subscription packages, and others. 

‘We are delighted to announce the commercial launch of our Iris multiscreen solution for Viya. We hope to provide Viya customers with the best possible audio-visual experience with a world-class product’, said Jose Luis Vazquez, CEO at Mirada.