Mimyuni Media Entertainment launches new package with its sports channels

The Mimyuni Media Entertainment programmer has announced this last Tuesday, February 9th, that it will launch a new content package, in which it made the decision to gather its sports channels offering to market it to pay TV operators.

As officially reported by Mimyuni Media Entertainment, the first channel package that the company will launch during 2021 will include Wow HD and 4K channels -focused on extreme sports-; Speed ​​Factor HD and 4K -with motorsports content-; Sportify -whose catalog focuses on training and entertainment content and sports learning-; Health & Wellness– with content based on health, diets, training and spiritual topics-; and Intense 4K, focused on professional sports.

‘We are excited to continue growing as a company and to be able to renew ourselves every day. We are confident that this new sports package will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers’, reported Maria Dey, COO at Mimyuni Media Entertainment for Latin America and Spain. ‘We have added new formats and programs to our channels to offer audiences new experiences and sensations. We are eager to show our contents in the market’, she completed. The executive also reported that Mimyuni Media Entertainment is currently working on new packages to launch throughout 2021.

During 2020, the company has developed an expansion plan adding several of its channels in different TV operators in Latin America. During last year, together with other initiatives, the group has launched its Lolly Kids TV channel on Cable Onda (Panama); on HV Multiplay (Colombia); and Wind Telecom (Dominican Republic). In addition, its Wow 4K and Speed ​​Factor 4K channels, also from Mimyuni Media Entertainment, were made available to Totalplay customers.