Millicom reached 3.1 million cable subscribers

Millicom Logo 2018

In the fourth quarter 2018 Millicom added 93 thousand ‘organic’ HFC clients and another 368 thousand in Latin America for the operations acquired from Cable Onda in Panama, that is, 461 thousand cable customers to totalize 3.1 million in 2018.

From the new ‘organic’ customers, more than a third belongs to Une-Tigo, in Colombia, where they are migrating customers from cooper to HFC networks, according to the report presented by Millicom. In its operational results, Millicom does not discriminate subscribers by service, but considers ‘HFC customer relationships’, in which  DTH clientes are not included.

Millicom completed the registration at SEC, which allowed it to start trading on Nasdaq at the end of 2018. Mauricio Ramos, CEO of Millicom, expressed to be ‘extremely pleased with our last year’s business areas performance. We reached all our operational and financial goals, and we made great progress related to our Latin American focus, by getting ourselves rid of our Rwanda and Senegal operations, and acquiring Cable Onda in Panama’.