Mexico wants 30% local content quota for OTT services

The Mexican Chamber of Deputies will ask streaming platforms such as Netflix, Claro Video and Blim to include 30% of national productions in their content library.
“We intend that, in the case of cinema, platforms such as Blim, Claro Video and Netflix establish a 30% national productions quota. Platforms like Netflix are worth 80 billion dollars, and I wonder how much of that money stays in Mexico, and for what I see, is practically nothing,” said the legislator and secretary of the Culture Commission Santiago González Soto, according to Proceso.
The official said he already presented this project to the president of the Culture Committee, Sergio Mayer, who expressed his support, and mentioned that there is already a similar initiative in Europe, which establishes a 30% local content quota.
“They too feel invaded, just like us, but the European Parliament ask the countries to protect their productions and require platforms like Netflix to also dedicate 30% to national production,” he concluded.