Mexico raises USD 84.4 million in DTT tender

Mexican Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) reported that the 13 participants of the new DTT tender paid MX$ 1,614 million (USD 84.4 million) for 32 signals for 29 coverage areas in different regions of the country.

Between December 18 and 20 of this year IFT plans to deliver the concession titles for the commercial use of these channels with a validity of 20 years and 30 years for a single concession. After this, concessionaires will have 60 working days to submit their technical proposal to the Institute for each of the channels obtained. Once approved, they will have 180 working days to start providing the service, according to a statement from the agency.

Among the winners are Multimedia Television and Francisco Aguirre, owner of Radio Centro. Milenio newspaper (which belongs to Multimedios group) paid MX$ 647.5 million (USD 33.8 million) for six channels.

These 32 new channels “will potentially cover a population of 50.4 million inhabitants, who will have new alternatives for national, regional and local content,” said IFT in its statement.