Mercado Libre to focus on OTT and D2C selling

Mercado Libre’s Product & Technology Chief Operating Officer (COO), Daniel Ravinobich, reported during an entrepreneurs meeting of the Innova Network in Buenos Aires, that the largest company in Argentina, and also the largest e-commerce business in Latin America, will focus on the content streaming products aggregation.

During his presentation, which took place in Lobos, Buenos Aires, the Mercado Libre executive reported that the pay TV industry, where bundling was one of its most outstanding features, is now going through an unbundling period with OTTs and D2C, and Mercado Libre plays a role as a new type of channel. Mercado Libre is already adding Disney+ in Brazil, Chile and Mexico, and HBO GO in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, as well as the music streaming service Deezer in Brazil.

‘I think TV will be back as a format, with gratuity and advertising with more weight. We have  very good distribution abilities and, in this unbundling stage, we create value in that way. Entertainment  is very important and we are noticing it’, said Rabinovich.