Mercado Libre offers free Disney+ access for selected clients in Mexico

The e-commerce platform Mercado Libre has officially reported new benefits for its users in Mexico, this time with Disney+, Disney’s SVOD OTT, available in Latin America since November 2020, as the leading actor. According to the information reported, users of level 6 of Mercado Libre, the highest level of the platform’s customer loyalty program, will be able to access Disney+ for free.

Likewise, although Mercado Libre’s customers in Mexico who are between levels 1 and 5 on the platform can also access Disney+ for free, in these cases the free period takes place for a certain number of months, according to the level at which each user is. However, in the case of customers who are at level 6, free access to Disney+ will be permanent, as long as they are located at the highest level. In case that, at any time, users of the e-commerce platform go down in terms of levels, Disney’s SVOD OTT subscription must be paid during that month or during the months in which they remain below level 6 .

Daniel Rabinovich, COO at Mercado Libre, has confirmed months ago at a meeting of the Red Innova in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that the company will focus on the aggregation of content streaming products. This way, Mercado Libre is already adding Disney+, HBO Max (WarnerMedia), and Paramount+ (ViacomCBS) in several Latin American markets, and the Deezer music streaming platform in Brazil. Up to now, the Disney+ free access offer for Mercado Libre users on level 6 is only available in Mexico.