Megacable loses Xview subscribers and records 5 million STBs distributed in Q3 2020

As part of its Q3 2020 quarterly results report presentation, the Mexican holding company Megacable reported a total of 1,053,604 Xview subscribers at the end of the period. Although the figure shows a 47.1% growth (or 337 thousand net additions) to its platform in relation to Q3 2019; the OTT made a drop in subscribers compared to Q2 this year, when its base was 1,076,409 clients. In addition, at the end of Q3 2020, Megacable reported that 84% of its subscriber base is digital, and a total of 5 million STBs have been distributed.

Also, as officially reported by Megacable, at the end of Q3 2020, the company’s video segment totaled 3,361,472 subscribers, thus making a 4.3% growth (or 138 thousand net additions) compared to Q3 2019. Regarding Q2 2020, 100 thousand new subscribers were reported. Also, during Q3 2020, the holding’s HD offering reached 1.2 million customers.

Another element to highlight is that, for the first time, during Q3 2020 Megacable totaled more internet clients than video subscribers. As reported by the company, at the end of the period, the internet segment made 3,413,995 subscribers, a figure that shows an 11.3% growth (or 347 thousand net additions) compared to Q3 2019. Also, in relation to Q2 2020, Megacable’s internet area reported a total of 185 thousand new subscribers, that is, a growth of 5.7%.

At the end of Q3 2020, the company’s ARPU per cable subscriber was valued at MX$ 406.5 (USD 19.45), which means a 2% increase compared to Q3 2019, when the cable ARPU was valued at MX $ 398.5 (USD 19, 07). Likewise, as of Q2 2020, the cable ARPU of the Mexican holding company was at MX $ 405.7 (USD 19.41). Similarly, video ARPU ended the third quarter of the year at MX $ 231.6 (USD 11), a figure slightly lower than the MX $ 232.3 (USD 11.12) Megacable reported at Q3 2019. However, in comparison to Q2 2020, Megacable’s video ARPU was MX $ 233.6 (MX 11.18), a figure that means a 1% decrease compared to Q3.

Megacable’s total revenues at the end of Q3 2020 were MX $ 5,621 million (USD 269 thousand), of which MX $ 2,309 million (USD 110,526) belonged to the video area; MX $ 1,816,823 (USD 86,943) to  the internet sector; and MX $ 467,290 (USD 22,361) to the telephony base.

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