Megacable expands its subscribers base and record 4.8 million distributed STBs

In its Q3 2019 financial results report,  its OTT Xview recorded 716 thousand subscriptions, a 15.3% growth against the previous quarter. The company also noted that during Q3, 109 thousand subscribers of the HD service were added, which amounted to 911 thousand customers, and that 83% of its subscriber base is digital, with 4.8 million STBs distributed. At the end of Q3, the video segment recorded 3,223,620 customers, that is, 1.4% more than in Q3 2018.

The company’s cable ARPU was valued at MX $ 398.5 (USD 20.9), a 5.5% increase compared to Q3 2018. The video service ARPU was MX $ 232.3 (USD 12), which represents an increase of 8.2% over the same period last year, and the Internet one was MX$ 181.9 (USD 9.5), 2.1% higher than last year’s Q3.

Megacable’s Q3 2019 total revenues were MX $ 5,405 million (USD 283 million), an increase of 11.4% compared to 3Q18. Megacable cable operations recorded revenues valued at MX $ 4,800,144 (USD 251.3 thousand) in Q3 2019, which mean an increase of 9% in relation to the value that the company got in the same period of 2018.