Megacable ends 2019 with more than 800 thousand Xview subscribers and almost 5 million distributed STBs

In its Q4 2019 quarterly results report, Megacable officially reported that its OTT Xview recorded 111 thousand net additions during the period, to reach 827 thousand subscribers at the end of 2019. The figure, according to the company’s report, means a 15.4% growth in relation to Q3 2019.

On the other hand, the Mexican group reported that during the quarter 102 thousand adhesions to its HD offer were recorded, totaling more than one million subscribers on this segment. The company also informed that 83% of its customer base is digital, and that it has distributed 4.9 million STBs.

As Megacable officially reported, the company’s video segment totaled 3.2 million subscribers at the end of Q4 2019, which means a 0.7% growth in the area – or 23 thousand more net additions – in relation to the same period 2018. In addition, the Mexican group reported that, in relation to Q3 2019, the video sector added a thousand net clients in the last three months of the year.

The cable ARPU of the company was valued at MX $ 410.3 (USD 21), representing a 6.3% growth compared to Q4 2018. In addition, the video service ARPU increased 8.4%, since it went from MX $ 219.1 (USD 11.3) in Q4 2018 to MX $ 237.4 (USD 12.26) in the same period 2019.

Megacable’s total revenues in Q4 2019 were valued at MX $ 5,625 million (USD 290 million). The figure is 11.2% higher than the one recorded at the end of Q4 2018. The company’s revenues in the video sector were MX $ 2,289 million (USD 118,200), a figure that represents a 9% increase in relation to the MX $ 2,091 million (USD 107,955) recorded in Q4 2018.