Megacable asks for pay TV and OTTs regulatory equality in Mexico

Enrique Yamuni, CEO at Megacable, said that regulations applied to pay TV and audiovisual contents on the internet ‘must be the same’. To his view, there is ‘no equality in our competitors, because digital platforms do not pay taxes’. His statements took place during the fifth edition of the ‘Challenges of competition in the digital environment’ forum, organized by the Mexican Telecommunications Federal Institute (IFT), last November 11th.

Another regulatory difference between pay TV and OTTs in Mexico in which Yamuni emphasized is related to the advertising area, since TV advertising is regulated, while digital platforms lack of a mandatory time framework for the advertising broadcast in Mexico. 

The Megacable executive also said that digital platforms should not pay new taxes, and requested the IFT for all of them to have the same regulations, taxes, rights and obligations that the ones applied to Mexican pay TV operators.

Recently, Megacable has announced it has started its operations in the MVMO market, and began to offer Megamovil 4.5G LTE, its new mobile telephony service, with Altan Redes.