Mega to launch its exclusive content OTT in July

Chilean FTA channel Mega (today known as the Mega Media holding company) announced it will launch its OTT, scheduled for July. According to the company, it will have contents already broadcast by the channel, and also original productions created specially for the platform. The channel informed that the service will have a monthly subscription, but its value was not reported yet.

‘This does not only means that we could produce or buy programs, but our audience will also be able to watch, for example, advanced episodes of a program or TV series paying a monthly subscription’, said Antonio Escobar, Content Manager Director at Mega Media. In addition, the Executive said that Mega’s contents has been digitized since these last five years ‘as a way to preserve and have them available for new projects’.

Patricia Bazan, Mega Media’s Content and Quality Standards Director, will take part in the ‘OTT and FTA TV future’ panel, which will be developed in the Nextv Series Argentina event, organized by Dataxis.  It will take place on May 14th and 15th at the Intercontinental Hotel, in Buenos Aires.