Mediapro to produce Bolivian soccer league

Mediapro will produce the Bolivian Soccer League for The Game, the company that owns the TV rights of the championship in the country.

A team of 60 professionals will produce 264 competition games as well as the classifying games the Bolivian National team plays at home for the World Cup, Copa America, South American Championship Sub-20 and Sub-17, friendly matches and weekly highlights from the league.

For this project, Mediapro has transported two OB Vans to Bolivia equipped with High Definition technology and nine cameras, one of which is super slow.  The number of teams competing and matches disputed is expected to increase next season. This will require Mediapro to increase the OB Vans fleet based in the country.

In this way, Mediapro confirms its interest in Latin American soccer. Recently, the company presented a bid to acquire the TV rights to the national league of Argentina.