Mediapro increases its international expansion with Chilevision

The Spanish group The Mediapro Studio announced a co-production agreement with the Chilean FTA TV channel Chilevisión (Turner Latin America), with the aim of increasing its performance in the international market. The project of the new agreement is titled ‘El discípulo del Chef’, focused on the culinary market. Its first season will have 24 episodes, which will be broadcast during the prime time in Chile.

The project is part of a global agreement that both companies ran for a five-year period, in order to to develop and co-produce multiplatform content for Latin America. The agreement contemplates a more than USD 10 million  total investment, already started with ‘Bravas FC’, the first production of both companies together.

Laura Fernández Espeso, Head of International Content at Mediapro, described the partnership between The Mediapro Studio and Turner Latin America as “an excellent opportunity to merge our experience with their talent and, this way, contribute to spread of innovative and quality content in Chile, confirming our desire to become leaders in terms of content production’. From Chilevision they have also expressed themselves on the agreement through Javier Goldschmied,the FTA TV channel Programming Director, who added that with The Mediapro Studio  ‘we have achieved an excellent synergy in terms of format development and content opportunities. Both companies have an excellent equipment, and ‘El discípulo del Chef’ is just the beginning of a long journey together’.