Major studios and streaming platforms sue Kodi-powered TickBox TV

Major Hollywood studios and Amazon and Netflix are suing TickBox TV, a Kodi-powered streaming device, alleging the company allows mass infringement of their copyrighted films and television shows, according to The Hollywwod Reporter.

Universal, Columbia, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and Warner Bros are the studios behind the legal battle, along with the OTT companies. According to the suit, when users plug in TickBox it gives them “nearly instantaneous access” to illegal content streams, including titles that are not yet available through legal streaming sites.

“TickBox TV customers also have access to information about sources, including whether the source streams content in high-definition or standard-definition resolution,” said the document. “The sources for some movies that are still in theaters are listed as ‘CAM,’ which indicates that the video was shot illegally by an individual using a camcorder or other recording device in a movie theater.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plaintiffs are asking the court to impound all TickBox devices in the company’s possession and enjoin it from further infringement.