Luis Miguel’s series arrives at Mexican FTA TV through Las Estrellas Channel

Televisa announced that the Mexican singer Luis Miguel biographical series will be premiered on the country’s FTA TV through the Canal de las Estrellas. The series was already aired on Netflix in Latin America and Spain, and on Telemundo in the US. 

According to what Televisa informed in an official statement, ‘Luis Miguel, the series’, starred by Mexican actor Diego Boneta, ‘is based on a script authorized by the performer, and tells the singer’s personal story and artistic career, from his birth to his consolidation as one of the maximum icons of music in Spanish. It also give details on other strong situations that made a difference in his life, such as his mother’s disappearance, the conflictive relationship with his father, his rapid raise to fame and many of his love relationships’.

Content was produced by Gato Grande Productions, together with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and distributed by MGM. Apart from Netflix, Telemundo and Televisa, the series has already been acquired by Canal 13 (Chile) and America TV (Peru).