Luis Miguel series to have a second season next year

After confirming that Mexican singer Luis Miguel’s series will arrive at Mexico’s FTA TV in August, Miguel Aleman Magnani, producer and shareholder of Gato Grande Productions, informed that the series will have a second season starting in 2020.

About the story, he said that it will be a continuity of what was seen in the first season and that it will focus into the conflicts and the balance between his private life and his international star status. ‘It is a continuity, with very important things and equally strong and difficult. It is all that is still the life of a star, that there are not many, and to know how difficult that balance is, between being normal and a star” he explained.

Last year, Netflix premiered its first season in the entire world, except in the US, that was on Telemundo. Since July 12th this year, the platform premiered the series to the US audience. While in Mexico, Televisa, which acquired the rights of the series last year, will broadcast the first season on the Las Estrellas channel starting on Monday, August 12th.