Luis Arvizu, CEO of Blim TV: “Blim TV, Prende TV and VIX will become a single platform”

Luis Arvizu, CEO of Blim TV, announced that the service will join the other two applications of the Televisa-Univision brand, Prende TV and VIX, to consolidate in a single platform in 2022; during his participation in the panel “The reinvention of FTA TV in Mexico” of the virtual event Nextv Series Mexico 2021.

As he explained, for this transformation the company is testing different business models for what will be the new unified service. One of the novelties that it will have is that for the first time it will offer exclusively digital content, unlike how they have been handled until now, by always having an open window for TV signals. In addition, said contents will be behind a paywall that will separate the SVOD catalog from the AVOD.

We want to see how the audience behaves by the end of the year, so to see the model with which we are going to work when we have a single platform“, Arvizu explained. About this, he also said that te company will do a test with the animated children’s film “Koatí”, recently premiered in the US, to be launched exclusively on the Blim TV platform in SVOD mode.