Lolly Kids TV continues its Latin American expansion and arrives at the Dominican Republic with Wind Telecom

Mimyuni Media Entertainment announced on Thursday an agreement with the telecommunications company Wind Telecom, thus making its official arrival at the Dominican Republic, and continuing its expansion in Latin America. This way, the company’s customers with the TV package available will be able to access the channel’s catalog, available in HD.

The aim of Lolly Kids TV, as reported by Mimyuni Entertainment, is to provide boys and girls between 5 and 17 years old with a permanent official stage on TV, where they can participate and show their singing, dancing and musical instrument skills.

‘We are honored to be able to add Lolly Kids TV to our grid and offer the youth of the Dominican Republic a permanent stage on TV. We support boys and girls in their musical development and, at the same time, we enrich our grid , they reported from Wind Telecom.

In addition to the Dominican Republic, Lolly Kids TV has recently arrived at Colombia through HV Multiplay, and is also available in Panama, through Cable Onda.