Liberty Puerto Rico broadcast contents from Telemundo and other channels again

Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico and NBC Universal finally came to terms with Telemundo (Channel 2), NBC Puerto Rico, Point 2 and 12 more channels to restart broadcasting its contents. According to Liberty, Telemundo and NBC Puerto Rico proposed an increase that would double the rate for the company for the rights to rebroadcast its networks, which is why the cable company refuses to pay. Finally, both companies ran an agreement to solve the situation.

Since April 4th, around 220,000 Liberty customers were prevented from accessing Telemundo Puerto Rico other channel’s programming. For this reason, Telemundo started a campaign for subscribers to contact the company to request the programming removal. NBC alleges that the agreement with Liberty was ran between the parties, but the cable company’s Board blocked the process.

Jose Cancela, Telemundo’s president, informed that they finally came to terms with Liberty Cablevisión to restore their channels. In a statement published on the company’s social networks, Liberty said that Telemundo, NBC and the other 13 NBC Universal channels are already available, and informed that customers will not see any increases in their rates during this year.