Liberty Global reports Q1 revenue of USD 911 million in Latin America

Liberty Global announced the financial results for the first quarter of 2017. The company reported revenues of USD 911 million in Lilac division, which includes its operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Liberty offered both reported numbers and rebased figures based on the fact that the Cable & Wireless acquisition is only included in results from May 16, 2016. Reported revenue for quarter increased by 200%. However, from a rebased perspective, revenue decreased 0.8%.

Liberty Global CEO, Mike Fries, said the company had anticipated a challenging first quarter at Lilac due to comparison against prior year results for Cable & Wireless Communications, which he called an “an anomaly when compared to preceding and subsequent quarters”, reported Variety.

Of total rebased revenues, Cable & Wireless reported USD 575.6 million, Chile’s VTR about USD 229.3 million and the operations in Puerto Rico USD 106.7 million.

At the end of Q117, Lilac registered 5.42 million RGUs, up 54% from previous year. Of that total, 2.1 million were broadband RGUs, 1.7 million video RGUs and 1.6 million voice RGUs. VTR accounted for 52% of total RGUs.

The Chilean operator has the group’s main pay TV operation. At the end of the quarter, it reported 1.05 million video subscribers. VTR also registered 1.12 million internet subscribers and 650,200 telephony subscribers.