LG TVs integrate access to Apple TV in Brazil

In recent days, Brazilian users of LG televisions registered the appearance of the Apple TV platform in the interface of the devices. Until recently, those TVs that had been launched between 2016 and 2017 had not been able to support the download of the app due to lack of compatibility, but because of the recent integration of the direct access, from now on it wouldn’t be a problem. 

Despite the new update, there is still no confirmed information on whether the service is really available in Brazil. If so, subscribers will have access to an extensive catalogue of TV shows and movies, as well as Apple TV channels and all content on the iTunes Store.

According to some users, between the platform that appeared on the devices and the “authentic” there are small differences in the design and search tools, which only enable navigation between Apple TV + products; so it could be a specific application for these TVs. However, the company has not yet made any announcements in this regard.