Lauman Group is also interested in acquiring Fox Sports operations in Mexico

The Lauman Group, controller of the Mexican telecommunications company Cotelsat and the newspaper ‘El Financiero’, is also interested in acquiring Fox Sports operations in the country. The sale of Fox’s sports channels in Mexico is one of the requirements ordered by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) to allow the Disney-Fox merger, which took place in March 2019.

According to what was reported on the web version of the Mexican newspaper ‘El Economista’, the Lauman Group stated that it is evaluating the possibility of acquiring Fox Sports assets on January 18th, during an interview with IFT leaders, in which the businessman Manuel Arroyo, leader of the Group, participated.

With the interest of the Lauman Group, the company joins the list of those interested in acquiring Fox Sports channels in Mexico, together with Mediapro; Prisa; AT&T; America Movil; Multimedios and Televisa, as reported by ‘El Economista’. In December 2020, several specialized websites in the country reported that the Spanish company Mediapro had advanced negotiations aimed at acquiring Fox’s sports channels in Mexico.

As established by the IFT, the final deadline to formalize the sale of Fox Sports in Mexico will take place on March 4th. Another requirement to allow the merger between Disney and Fox was the sale of Fox Sports in Brazil, although, in this case, the merger was made without the need to complete the sale.