Latina Television and DirecTV are fined in Peru for anticompetitive behaviours

The Peruvian Telecommunications Private Investment Supervisory Agency (Osiptel) ordered the Compañía Latinoamericana de Radiodifusión S.A. (Latina Televisión) and DirecTV Peru S.R.L. (DirecTV) to pay a  S 6,892,200 (USD 2.03 million) fine, for applying a strategy to exclude other pay TV operators (only DirecTV competitors), benefiting themselves from having the 2018 World Cup Russia broadcast.

Both companies agreed to exclude pay-TV operators (except from DirecTV) from the possibility of broadcasting the Latina Television TV network contents during the last FIFA World Cup, which was considered ‘a vertical collusive practice, under a unjustified refusal, typified as a serious infringement’ , according to articles 11 and 12 of the Anti-Competitive Behaviours Represion Law’s Single Ordered Text. For this reason, DirecTV received a S 4.2 million (USD 1.24 million) fine, while Latina was also fined with S 2.69 million (USD 763,941).

As Osiptel officially reported, both companies have 15 business days to file an appeal against the entity’s resolution. If necessary, the person in charge of issuing a ruling on  this issue will be the Osiptel’s Dispute Settlement Court.