“Latin America is Crunchyroll’s second most important market”

Before his participation in the next edition of NexTV Series Mexico & Central America, Max Castro, Region Manager at Crunchyroll, spoke to NexTV News Latam about the new projects and performance of the anime platform in Latin America.

-What are your main markets in Latin America?

In Latin America, the number one market is Mexico, then Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia in the fifth place.

We do not share subscriber numbers by region but the platform has more than one million paid users in the world. Latin America is Crunchyroll’s second most important market, behind the United States.

-To what do you attribute the success of the platform in Latin America?

There are quite a few anime fans, thanks to the fact that in their childhood, “Dragon Ball”, “Saint Seiya” and other animated series were available on free-to-air TV. There is a lot of audience interested in this content and now they have a place to consume it. Towards the end of the 90’s the users moved to digital illegal services, and now they have a platform to watch the content legally.

In Mexico, the main two FTA networks are offering again anime in their programming. What do you think about this initiative?

We agree with this because if more people are interested, they will look for more content. In FTA TV, they only have a few series. We license about 40 series every three or four months. We see it as a complement, because the content that is on TV is dubbed into Spanish and on our platform it is subtitled.

-And now you have a new dubbing project…

Yes, we will start with three TV series before the end of the year. They are series that we have the license to do it and have very good audience on the platform. The idea is to have about six to nine series a year, but it all depends on the audience’s requests.

-This year Crunchyroll also stated to produce original content…

Yes, this year our first original anime (“Children of Ether”) was released. The idea is to experiment, to see the acceptance of the audience and then to add more productions. We always start with the largest market, that is why we started in the United States, but since Latin America is the second market, we explore the possibility of producing in the region.

-Is the download feature available for Latin America?

Yes, it is only available for Latam and is in beta option for about 10,000 users and initially with a catalog of 10 series.

-What is your vision of the OTT market in the region?

The market is growing. We are a niche platform but a very relevant niche. The bulk of our audience is in the 18-35 age bracket, then has a great potential in the region. From my point of view, we are in an initial stage in Latin America for two reasons, the payment method, which is quite difficult, and the other is the connectivity of the mobile. However, users understand why they pay for the content.

-What are the new shows coming up?

We will add in October the new series “Black Clover”, which is expected to reach the same level of “Naruto”, “Bleach” and “One Piece”, which are the series with the greatest impact in the region. It will exclusively premiere on Crunchyroll on October 3 exclusively on Crunchyroll in Latin America.

NexTV Series Mexico & Central America will be held on October 3 & 4 at the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel in Mexico City.