LaLiga advances against audiovisual piracy in Peru

Six Peruvian websites that broadcast matches from LaLiga Santander and other audiovisual content were blocked by the  Competition Defense and Intellectual Property Protection National Institute (INDECOPI), which granted five precautionary measures in favour of the highest football championships category from Spain.

According to what LaLiga reported, the blocked websites were some of the most visited in Peru,  and had around 3.5 million monthly visits. The operation was developed together with the Alliance against Pay TV Piracy,  a group of content providers, pay-TV broadcasters and technology providers aiming at combating pay-TV piracy throughout Latin America.

‘We are very pleased with the result of this work together with Alianza. As part of the entertainment industry, LaLiga will continue to fight against audiovisual piracy’, said Melcior Soler, LaLiga’s Audiovisual Area Director. ‘It is a criminal act, and we must treat it according to what it is’, he added. Marta Ochoa, Alliance against Pay TV Piracy’s Executive Director and Antipiracy Strategy Director for DirecTV Latin America, said that precautionary measures ‘are a great achievement and generate a very valuable precedent, because they were pronounced in very short terms. Pay-TV industry will continue to work together through the Alliance to support  that laws are enforced and, this way, to combat network’s theft and any other piracy form’.

LaLiga records 30 illegally blocked websites in Spain. It has recently closed three illegal websites in Brazil, which  more than 1.5 million monthly visits, and above 8,000 subscribers.