Kwai strengthens its portfolio with exclusive contents of the Copa America 2021

The South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) announced days ago a partnership agreement with Kwai, a Chinese mobile app developed to share videos, through which users will be able to access exclusive content from the Copa America 2021. The competition will start in mid-June, and will bring together the National Teams of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

According to the information reported, during the three weeks in which the competition will take place, Kwai will feature several in-app events, including challenges related to the Copa America, some of which will be developed via live streaming. In addition, those who participate will be able to earn money and other incentives. Apart from that, Conmebol and Kwai are joining forces to announce the app as ‘the official social network of the Conmebol Copa America 2021’.

‘We are very proud to partner with the Conmebol Copa America 2021. This sponsorship takes place at a key moment for the brand in the region’, said Kai Shao, General Manager at Kwai for Latin America, who also announced that ‘we will soon start promoting a specialized program to develop and promote sports content creators in Latin America’. Later, the executive reported that, with this new partnership, ‘from now on, we will all be able to access the other side of the matches and go beyond the 90 minutes, which is inspiring and amazing’, he ended.

As part of the agreement, Kwai will launch the official account of the Conmebol Copa America 2021, where exclusive content will be created. Some of them will be the official song of the tournament, the official ball, exclusive content from the changing rooms, press conferences and fan celebrations and daily news of the tournament. The ‘Kwai Futbol’ account will also be created, in which additional content about this sport and football in the region will be created. ‘Throughout the Copa America, football fans, regardless of the country where they are, will be able to witness the moments off the field of the National Teams, in order to enjoy the most emotional moments of the competition with their favorite players”, they reported from Conmebol and Kwai.

‘It is the first time that Conmebol has celebrated this type of partnership, through a digital entertainment platform. We are very excited and eager about the possibility of reaching millions of Latin American users through Kwai. And that they will reach out to us with content never seen before’, said Juan Emilio Roa, Commercial and Marketing Director at Conmebol. ‘We know that football is not only played on the field, but also on social networks, especially in this social distancing period. That is why we will be working on unique and different content for Kwai, so that fans can enjoy each moment of the competition, as if they were there’, said the executive.