Kabillion launches Spanish-Language App on Roku

Kabillion, the independently owned kids’ VOD network, announced the launch of its first Spanish-language app, Kabillion en Español, on the Roku platform. The app is a children’s learning and entertainment channel in Spanish, featuring many of Kabillion’s top animated titles, including the popular “Dive Olly Dive”, “The DaVincibles” and “ToddWorld”.

“Reaching the large Hispanic community in the U.S. is the next phase for us at Kabillion as we look to increase our audience,” stated David Di Lorenzo, President of Kabillion. Currently, the app is available on Roku devices in North America and Mexico.

According to the company, Kabillion – a subsidiary of US based Splash Entertainment – is ranked among the Top 10 Kids Free On Demand networks in the U.S. It reaches over 60 million US households and is available on Comcast, Time Warner and Charter, among others operators.